Now What?

When you're a stay-at-home mom and your youngest child is turning 5 and approaching kindergarten you get this question a lot, "What are you gonna do with yourself?" Everyone from all walks of life ask this same question.

The stay-at-home mothers with teeny littles of their own can't begin to fathom what they would do with their days free of an endless cycle of someone else's bodily fluids. Nurse, burp, spit up, pee, sneeze, poop, drool and the cycle starts over.

Worker bees of course assume I'll get a job that actually pays in a currency other than kisses or continue my education.

Mothers who currently have children of all ages in various schools and grades can attest that I'll have PLENTY to keep myself occupied.

All worthy pursuits.

But instead, I'm gonna get the heck out of Dodge.

I'm going to get to work on my Bucket List. I've got some lofty goals on that bad boy and there is no time like the present to get started.

I'm challenging myself to travel somewhere every month. Near. Far. (Celine Dion would be so proud!) Wherever it may be. I've got this overwhelming feeling that I need to get out. Expand my horizon.

Now is the time.

And I'm going to write about it. THIS is what I'll do with myself! I love to write. And one of those lofty Bucket List items is to write a book. I think I'm just crazy enough to make it happen. I'll explore the different paths I can take at this fork in my life's road and document it in my writings.

I think I'll explore this love of writing and entertaining people and hope it becomes a passion. Hopefully my passion will be appreciated by many and in turn I will be adored by said fans.Maybe my book will actually get published. Maybe one day I'll be strolling down the streets of NYC and see my book in the window of the cutest little bookstore you ever laid eyes on.

Or, if I'm really lucky, maybe my friends will read it.

Let the adventure begin!

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