Sotterley Plantation

                                        Sotterley Plantation is located in Hollywood, Maryland approximately 50 miles south of Washington D.C. which makes it about 15 minutes from our house. Sotterley is a historic landmark and one of the only homes in the area to not be burned to the ground during the Civil War.

 The front of the home when boats were the main form of transport.

Front of the house when roads became more accessible.

Guided tours of this colonial home are available with admission.
No photography of the interior was allowed but I can say that it was interesting and much more
brightly painted than I would have expected for a colonial house.
We all enjoyed the stories and eclectic design of the interior.

The Colonial Revival Gardens are beautifully maintained by volunteer gardeners
and the view of the Patuxent River is gorgeous.
Plenty of room for running around and enjoying the beautiful weather.

  slave quarters.

Interior of slave quarters

 There were originally 10 "homes" like this one on the plantation.
Each housed around 25 slaves.
Touring the plantation home and then the slave quarters really helps to put in to perspective the deplorable differences in living conditions between plantation owners and their slaves.
It's a great learning experience for kids and us all really.

There were colonial style games set out to play.
We really liked Hoop and Stick and this hoop toss game
called The Game of Graces.
We made sure to talk about the colonial children and how they would spend their time.
Especially how people would make games out of whatever they had handy.
It's a great reminder to kids that they can make their own fun.

Sotterley has miles of nature trails to explore, out buildings to experience, 
an informative little museum with a cute shop, 
and this creative, little playground to enjoy.

I couldn't resist.

We packed a picnic and spent the entire day at Sotterley Plantation playing, learning, taking a tour, and going on a nature hike.

I swear the kids favorite part was when we stopped at the gas station on the way there and 
I let them each pick out there own bag of chips.
Such a novelty!
But they loved Sotterley as well.

Travel Notes:
Interactive, educational, hands-on.
It was a great place to spend a quiet day together.

Pack your sunscreen and bug spray.

Admission including house tour: Adults $10/Seniors $8/Youth $5
Children 6 and under are free
Admission to the grounds only (no house tour) $3 per person/kids 6 and under free

Great for all ages.

If you're in the area I recommend you check it out.

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